“The Star. . .” Newsletter #19 – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to All

MerrCartoon image of Jesus in manger with Star shining abovey Christmas 2015! 






In our last newsletter we told you about a campaign to donate books to children in Children’s Hospital of Peoria at Christmas! What is more fun than giving a Christmas gift to a child! Help us to gather up to 68 copies of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” for children in Childrens Hospital of Peoria! Each book is a $10.00 donation! If 60 people each donate one book. . .we’re there! Currently. . .we have 19 books!!!! A ways to go before Christmas. Donate here:

This newsletter contains pictures of some of the reading events I participated in this year!
Just this past week, I did a readings for:
• The “Little Learners” at First United Presbyterian Church in Le Roy

• Heartland Community Church of Normal with a large group of families who participate in the after school program hosted by that church



  • Heartland Community Church of Normal with a large group of families who participate in the after school program hosted by that church











  • Families with children with special needs that participate in the SPICE program hosted by Marcfirst in Normal!

We have no pictures of the SPICE reading at this time!

Of course we participated in the Festival of Trees in November and the Immanuel Bible Foundation Women’s Christmas Breakfast in December. And we have completed another ‘Star’ Christmas Tree which will be donated to the Festival of Trees in Champaign-Urbana next year. Just this afternoon, Roger and I tucked it away in a tree bag!


After Christmas, I will be heading to Florida with my husband for extended time off. Of course I’ll be working some from that location . . .but I’ll also make sure I have plenty of time to play.

The studio will be closed until April!  But I will continue posting on facebook and providing the Newsletter. 🙂

Let’s all pray for the hearts of men to be changed so that all may enjoy peace.  Merry Christmas!


“The Star. . .” Newsletter #18 – A plea


Cartoon image of Jesus in manger with Star shining above


“Then the child reached out his hand

as if to touch the star above,

to let him know that he’d been seen

and let him know that he was loved.”




Hello my friends.  This is a busy time of year as I do readings of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” for children and participate in many events where we market this story of God’s love. . .for children.  The profit from sale of this book is used to fund two small ministries:

  • The StarGift Project, an outreach to children with a message of love from God
  • The Village Project, an organization to enable quality of employment and life for adults of central Illinois who have developmental disabilities.


The StarGift Project brings together 1.) churches and other non-profits to distribute “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to children who are not otherwise being taught about relationship with God with 2.) Donors who wish to plant a tiny mustard seed in the heart of a child by donating one or more books to be so distributed.

We need your help!

Donating books!

Last year we hosted a donation box for books to be distributed to the resident children of the Baby Fold.  We collected 28 books in this way, one for each child.

This year we have been collecting donations of books for children in Children’s Hospital of Peoria.  At this point we have only 4 books donated.


Please consider donating a book to be distributed to a child in Children’s Hospital of Peoria by visiting the StarGift web site and making a donation.  I sincerely hope that many of you find yourselves wanting to share this story with children so that we can touch the hearts of those children who will be in the hospital during this Christmas season.

You will see evidence of the distribution in another newsletter and on my facebook pages “Hahn – Author” and “The Spirit of Light Creativity Studio.”

You can also help advance these two small ministries by calling on the pastor of your church, or leaders of groups within the church, and telling them about the StarGift Project and encouraging them to participate as distributors.  My portion of profit is shared with organizations that distribute the books.  And donors receive a discounted price that is 33% below retail.

Finally, you can help by volunteering to schedule and give readings of the story, by working to plan an event in your church or school based on the story [requires permission] or in a myriad of other ways.  Please feel free to contact me if you would be interested in helping in any way.  spirit@thespiritoflight.com

May you all have a Joyous Christmas, filled with wonder, warmth and sharing of the spirit!



“The Star. . .” Newsletter #17 – Starting Plans for the Christmas Season 2014

The last newsletter covered progress on the Village Project.  This Newsletter will update you on the StarGift Project as well as the studio and provide some information about upcoming events!


Pam with the 'blue ribbon' winning tree.
Pictures don’t do the tree justice. We had to brighten this image so you could get a sense of the purple and blue color.

StarGift Non-profit status:

I planned at the beginning of the year to try to achieve non-profit status for the StarGift Project.  That goal will have to be moved to 2015!  I have received examples of by-laws which will be used to jump start the creation of by-laws for the StarGift Project.

Engaging Churches:

Although I sent literature out to over 300 churches, I have not been able to followed up with personal meetings with all of the churches.  So much depends on churches and non-profits deciding to participate in the StarGift Project by being willing to get copies of the books delivered to children through their mission networks and agreeing to be listed on the StarGift web site.  [While I did get the web site up. . .I feel it is still under development. . .but please review it and share your thoughts.]

On the plus side, some of the organizations we’ve been in touch with are interested in finding ways to get the book to children. . .but we have not had the opportunity to present the idea of a web site to bring these organizations and donors together.  Each organization has a different structure for engagment and decision-makinge and often the decisions are made by individual groups or committees within the church.  So the first step seems to be to identify leadership within these groups.

  • First Presbyterian Church of Le Roy purchased books for all of the children in their Little Learners Program.  They are planning some programming around the story for the Christmas Season.  They declined to share in profits so their contribution will help to fund the StarGift Project and the Village Project.  This is a blessing!
  • Heartland Community Church of Normal will host another reading of the book for parents and children at their Christmas Party for our After School Program Families on 12/17.  The reading is scheduled at 6:15 PM.  This church will also be adopting families and asking donors to purchase a book to include with the family gifts!  Another wonderful blessing!
  • Would you like to help schedule a reading for parents and children at your church or private school . . .or for a group of home-schoolers?  I have prepared a letter that you can share with directors of Christian Education or anyone who may be able to schedule a reading!  Feel free to contact me. [see contact info at the bottom of this letter]

Other non-profits:

  • A dear friend, Amy, purchased 20 books for distribution to children who are clients of Marc First where she works serving children and adults with special needs.  We are looking at providing a reading/distribution of the book at their Christmas Party or other arranged function.
  • I am communicating with a facebook friend in South Africa about getting books to children in and orphanage, children who have been orphaned by AIDS.  If this works out, I will be asking for help with donations of books for their children.  You can learn more about Open Arms by visiting their web site.

Use of the story for Christmas Celebrations:

Churches and other non-profits can build programs around this story.  I will provide permission to use the story [no fee] but 1.) must be able to pre-approve the script [to ensure consistency with story] and 2.) receive photos or video of the event.  If you are a member of a church in Bloomington-Normal, Champaign-Urbana or surrounding areas, or if you are a board member or volunteer for a non-profit organization, perhaps you would be willing to talk to groups to make them aware of the StarGift Project.  Or perhaps you’d be willing to send out a prepared email or letter.  Please contact me if you can/will do this and I will send you the content.

Status:  Publish a Spanish Translation of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”

My brother completed a translation of the story into Spanish.  I sent it to a few bi-lingual people for input but so far have only received feedback from one.  That feedback was positive. Then I have a bi-lingual friend who also started working on a translation. . .and sent the first 8 verses . . .but have not heard more on that.  I really need to follow up better!  I will also have to move this goal to 2015.

Status:  Publishing a coloring book version of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”

Finally, the work to turn the book into a coloring book. . also must be moved.  I’ve offered to pay several people to 1.) trace the drawings to get a start that can be scanned into software. . .or to use 2.) Adobe Illustrator to re-create the drawings.  A few people have dabbled with it. ..but so far no one has made a committment to do the work.  If you have skills to trace or translate with Illustrator and are willing to talk about price. . .please contact me.

Events scheduled in 2014 [to date]

Festival of Trees, Bloomington-Normal Nov. 21, 22 and 23

I will participate as a vendor at the Festival of Trees in Bloomington-Normal.  Although I am not creating a tree for this festival this year, we will be doing readings of the story in the “Jinglebell Junction” [children’s activities] during the day Friday, Nov. 21 and again Saturday morning at 9:30 or 10 AM with a potential second reading around 11:30/11:40. [Im hoping to have ‘Star’ with me on Saturday!    I planned to do a tree for Champaign and also be a vendor there, but at that Festival you must be present to be a vendor and I would need volunteers to man the gift table there!

In addition to books, this year our ‘consignment’ shop will include ‘Star’ ornaments, ‘Star’ t-shirts, ‘Star’ refrigerator magnets and some other products created in the shop.  If you are a crafter, I invite you to contact me about including some of your work in our consignment shop at the Festival of Trees.




Festival of Tress, Champaign-Urbana Nov. 21, 22 and 23

It has been my intent to bring the Star to Champaign-Urbana by participating in their Festival of Trees.  Because all three Festivals of Trees are on the same weekend [B-N, C-U and Peoria] I am finding it difficult to split my time between even two.

  • Can you, and are you willing to help get a tree to C-U [will need to transport an already decorated tree] and help add finishing touches to tree?
  • Or  help man a gift shop there, please contact me!  Otherwise, this too will have to be moved to 2015. . .and I will not participate in B-N next year.
  • Please volunteer to help. [See contact info at the bottom of this letter]
Decorating Trees at the Festival of Trees
Part of my designer team setting up the ‘Star’ tree at the Festival of Trees.

Nov. 22 at 1:00 PM, Book Reading a the Museum in Le Roy

Dec. 6th at 8:00 AM, Immanuel Bible Foundation’s 2014 Women’s Christmas Celebration

I will again provide centerpieces and attend the Immanuel Bible Foundation’s 2014 Women’s Christmas Celebration at the Uptown Marriott in Normal on Saturday, December 6th, 8:00-10:00 a.m.  The Immanuel Bible Foundation also supports the arts and guests are invited to browse all the centerpieces and purchase items from the artists after the program.  I will have books. . .as well as ‘Star’ t-shirts, ornaments. . .and refrigerator magnets.

 Contact Information: 

Pamela Hahn Hieser
Spirit of Light Creativity Studio
122 East Center St 
Le Roy, Il. 61752


Schedule an Author Reading/Signing of the Children’s book “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There”

The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There! CoverThis is the story of a little star who could not glow.  Yet, because of an encounter with the newborn Christ child, his heart is filled with love and joy and he is transformed into the brightest star in the sky, the star of Bethlehem.  It is a delightful story for children between the ages of approximately 3 – 9.

Please share this information with the Christian Educators or other groups within your church.


1.)  As the Author, I am scheduling readings of the book for children and their parents.  Parents have the opportunity to purchase the book at reduced prices and the sponsoring church group receives 50% of the profit. Please consider scheduling a reading at a Christmas event and contact me if you choose to do so.

Pamela Hahn Hieser
Spirit of Light Creativity Studio
122 East Center St. Le Roy, Il. 61752

Perhaps you’ll even want to build a Christmas presentation around this story of His love, the gifts He provides and how we can use these gifts to glorify Him and serve others.

100_1587After reading the story to children and their parents, the author describes the missions below, makes books available for sale, and signs the book with a personal message.  This year we will include optional ‘Star’ ornaments and refrigerator magnets! 2.)  I am working to grow 2 missions in Central Il.

  1. The Village Project is a mission for adults with developmental disabilities
  2. The StarGift Project is a Christian outreach to young children. . .bringing churches and non-profits together with donors to provide a copy of the book “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There to children everywhere.  Proceeds from sale of the book are used to fund the startup of these missions.  Donors purchase at a reduced price and sponsoring organizations share in the profit from the sale to support their own missions.

You can:

  • Preview the story by clicking on ‘Preview Book’ on my web site www.thespiritoflight.com
  • Learn more about the Village Project by clicking on ‘Author Blog’ then selecting to read 1.) A Life Community for Developmentally Disabled Adults  2.) Village Project and reading minutes etc. in order [by pressing next to advance]
  • Learn more about the StarGift Project by clicking on ‘Author Blog’ then selecting to read 1.) The StarGift Project and by 2.) visiting a web site under development to bring churchs and non-profits together with donors to accomplish the StarGift mission
  • You can also visit my Author FB page where you will see photos of readings and events and where I post inspirational messages.
  • Share a FB page for children hosted by the main character of the book “Star.”  I am always looking for people who want to help find content to post that is appropriate, fun and/or meaningful for children!
  • Finally, you can choose to visit and possibly ‘like’ a page for my studio “Spirit of Light Creativity Studio” of Le Roy, Illinois. . .the home of the Star, the StarGift Project and the Village Project.

I hope that you choose to have a reading for the young people of your Church!

God bless.




Village Project Minutes 10-07-2014

The meeting this month was attended by only three participants.  As we move down the path to bringing our community into the vision of a community where adults with developmental disabilities can learn, socialize, work and even live safely we may have to consider seeking non-profit status.  Prerequisite requirements for filing for non-profit status include:

Having at least one or two board positions filled.

Regular meetings at which minutes are kept.


Minutes of meeting of 10-07-2014

Document:  A Visit to Lambs Farm

Minutes of prior meetings


“The Star. . .” Newsletter #16 – Progress and Challenges

Hi all.  This Newsletter will bring you up-to-date on progress and Sept. plans for the 1. Studio and the 2. StarGift Project.

Stained Glass Mosaic - colored glass, glued to a glass pane with colorless glue, and with spaces between the colored glass filled in with black grout.


In August we hosted three one night ‘free’ classes.  The first was a class in drawing with realism.  It was attended by 6 people and I believe all had a good time.  The second was a class in making stained glass mosaics.  Again, 6 people had a good time.  You can check out the results of their work posted on our FB site starting with: 100_1378 https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfLightCreativity/photos/pb.1441841669414292.-2207520000.1409072691./1451564878441971/?type=1&theater

The third was a class in painting on glass.  We painted votives. . .and again posted on our FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfLightCreativity/photos/pb.1441841669414292.-2207520000.1409072691./1451566485108477/?type=1&theater


Over the first two months, we had about 20 people drop by to find out what’s going on in the studio, and then maybe a dozen more during the Le Roy Fall Festival.  We posted pictures of that carnival on the FB page as well. . .and will turn to them in January or Feb when we’re all cooped up, as sources of something cool to paint or draw!



Our first meeting of the Village Project turned out 6 people and it was a good meeting.  We posted minutes on our blog and provided them to you in the last newsletter.  http://thespiritoflight.com/wordpress/?p=529

We only had two persons attend the informational meeting about the StarGift Project but we are scheduling another informational meeting in September.  In the meantime I have  met with groups in two of the local churches and got a positive response to the StarGift mission from both. One of these churches chose to purchase copies for each of the children in their early childhood learning program and donated all of the profit to support of our missions.  I expect a better turnout at our Sept. 16th StarGift meeting!  LeRoy will be the hub. . .of the activity as we grow out across central Ill, the country. . .and other countries in time.

There is a lot planned for September.  We will have two classes:  The first is a stained glass class which I’ve included on my blog.  http://thespiritoflight.com/wordpress/?p=546  It will start next Wednesday.

The second is a painting class. . .in which we’ll focus on learning color mixing and color theory.  We’ve also got a Ladies Night Out scheduled to learn calligraphy, a free class in drawing/painting trees, two volunteer groups [one a group of crafters to help make things for promoting the missions] and [another to brainstorm stories of the Star and Jesus growing up together].  Here’s a link to the Studio page of our web site where you can check these things out.  If you’ve been here before remember to ‘refresh’ the screen to get the latest updates.


Image of the Studio store front with the four shirts created for the StarGift Challenge in the window, on mannequins made of foam core!

We changed the content of the front window to include the t-shirts produced by participants in our recent StarGift Design a Custom-T contest.  This window was up in time for the Fall Festival and we have a challenge for Le Roy and the rest of central Il. to participate in the next StarGift Design a Custom T Challenge.  You purchase a StarGift t-shirt [in the studio or online] and design the back to reflect your story of relationship with God. . the gifts he has provided to you. . .the things about which you are passionate.  Wouldn’t it be cool to find people wearing their custom shirts at events.  What an ice-breaker!  What a conversation starter!  Perhaps you would like to create one for yourself or for someone you care for.  You can get info here: http://www.thespiritoflight.com/orig/stargift/tchallengedetails.htm

And you can see the results produced by our initial competitors here: http://www.thespiritoflight.com/orig/stargift/starGift_Challenge.htm

I found a sewing site which has some free patterns.  I’m getting some simple bag/purse patterns and will plan in October to start sessions with a few developmentally disabled people [and volunteers] to help them sew to create marketable art that we will sell for them.  All proceeds from sale go to the ‘creators’. . .So think about buying a few Christmas Gifts that will enhance the quality of life/employment for developmentally disabled adults.

We also have works from some local artists hanging in the studio.  You can find postings on our web site as well.  Adela Alvarado. . .does a lot of drawing with colored pencil of dogs and cats.  If you’d like a portrait of your pet, send a picture and we’ll see if Adela can fit it in.  Tony Cade, loves to create ‘creatures.’  He not only paints but creates latex masks.  Anyone interested in having a custom creature mask for Halloween?  We recently added the work of Stephen Burkhart.  Stephen does some portraits from photos and small landscapes.  We’ll be posting his work soon.  Consider giving the unique gift of a portrait to someone this Christmas.  Stephen will work from your pictures. . .and if you like the results we’ll negotiate a reasonable price.

Please consider ways you can get involved in our missions perhaps by participating in challenges. . .or volunteering for one of our new groups. . .or volunteering to help developmentally disabled ‘artists’ hone their craft. . .or volunteering to share the story of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”



Intro to Stained Glass Class!

Spirit of Light Studio is offering an introduction to stained glass class in September.  122 East Center St. Le Roy, Il.  Scroll down for supply list and estimated costs.

Two images of stained glass window with 2 hummingbirds drinking nectar from bright red trumpet vine flowers.

Wednesdays, Sept. 3rd – 24th, 6:00 PM to 9:00  PM [We may add one more night if necessary]

Participants are exempt from ‘Open Studio’ fees.

Class participation requires a $20.00 fee, payable at registration.

Stained glass can get expensive.  Initially you must invest in some basic tools and materials.  Once you’ve got your tools. . .you need only invest in the materials needed for each piece you decide to create.

The studio will provide some of the tools.  Still to get started will require an estimated $100 – $130.00 if you don’t already have some tools.  This estimate includes:  $20 [registration], $75 [tools/lead] and ? [whatever you choose to spend in glass].  But you will love what you produce!

Stained Glass Supply List

Stained glass window of a large SUN peeking in the window.

“The Star. . .” Newsletter #15, “Opening Week at the Studio”

It has been an exciting couple of weeks.

Spirit of Light Creativity Studio opened it’s doors to the public July 1, 2014.

Front Door and South Facing Wall of Spirit of Light Creativity Studio in Le Roy

We hosted an open house Saturday, June 21st.  About 15 people dropped by.  Some are friends who came out from Bloomington-Normal to see the place.  But a handful of people from Le Roy came by.  They had learned of the open house through Facebook and through a LeRoy-Farmer City newspaper article.

A second open house, more casual drop-in, was held June 24th. . .all day.  As I was preparing for this event, I noticed some workmen outside setting up a blockade in front of the doors.  It was the crew that is doing the masonry restoration [tuck pointing] on the building.  They graciously decided to move to work on a side of the building and planned then to only work on the front on days when we are closed.  Fortunately, the sounds of grinding are not too loud. . .but this will go on, off and on, all summer.  Hmmmmm.  This is a bit of a setback when you are trying to get people to come work on projects they enjoy in your space.

But we have to shake it off.  I don’t expect too much action during summer months. . .and hopefully this will be done by September.

Display window with Stained Glass and window display - from inside the shopWeek 1:

I sold a few copies of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  Remember, profits from sale of this book are used to support the start up of the Village Project for developmentally disabled adults.

On Tuesday, Della, who lives nearby, showed up to work on a drawing.  She brought a sketch pad and pencils. . .and a calendar from which she had chosen a picture she wanted to try to re-create.  She mentioned that she’d like to try it in colored pencil.  So I responded that I have a book by a color pencil artist that does beautiful work.  I got the book out and she began to read.  Pretty soon she was drawing and doing quite a nice job of rendering.  She showed me how she had learned from the book that to blend colors and get a smooth appearance it is better to use a circular motion in laying down the color.  She pointed out where she had used a directional stroke for contrast.  And I noted that since she is rendering a kitten whose fur is quite textural, the directional stroke was a good fit for rendering that soft fur.  It was quite a nice exchange.

I was working on creating some samples for Sampler classes I will offer to get some folks started.  And we spent the afternoon chatting like old friends.

On Wednesday, Della arrived again.  We mostly worked in separate rooms since I was engaged in ‘business’ activities.  I got a visit from the insurer. . .who told me to hold my check.  I have a binder but the company he was placing me with balked at the idea that I might have some other people teach classes [volunteers/guests].  They will be by to visit me to get details.  We may have to look for another insurer. . .or possibly the liability insurance will cost me more than is customary for a sole-proprietorship with no employees.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

Then I got a visit from a plumber about installing an industrial sink.  Without going into details, that too will cost more than expected. . .and he can’t do anything without permission of the owner.  Of course I have permission from the owner to put in a sink. . .but the plumber himself needs permission to do what is necessary. . .even if I am paying.  Hmmmmmmmm.  Guess I can understand that one.

The next visitor was a Le Roy native who works for the second LeRoy newspaper, the Le Roy Press.  We really enjoyed visiting as I told her all about my plans for the studio and she told me a great deal about arts and crafts in the town of Le Roy.  Her Aunt is also a stained glass artist.  I’ve seen her work with is beautiful. . .immaculate.  She is quite a talent.  And her Mother used to work with ceramics.  I hope to see an article about Spirit of Light in that paper this weekend.

That evening a young woman named Ann came by.  She had seen the article in the newspaper and wanted to explore.  She does not feel comfortable with ‘visual arts’ but loves to write.  And she would love to have a space away from home where she can come and do so AND where we can try to bring a group of people with this interest together.  We chatted quite a while about the goals of Spirit and the two missions and Ann seemed excited about this opportunity in Le Roy.  So we will be selecting a date and putting out a call for writers who would like to share experience and help one another.  I mentioned that I hoped to get a group together interested in writing for children.  My thought is to engage others in expanding the book “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” into a series for children.  The Star and Jesus will grow up together and share earthly experiences.  Jesus will learn from his Father, and share what He learns with Star.  I’d like those interested in children’s stories to come together and brainstorm ideas. . .and contribute to the writing.  Everyone who participates will receive credit in the books. . .and the profits [if any] earned from sales will go to support 1. The StarGift Project and 2. The Village Project.   Should these never become full non-profits, if any profit remains it will be donated to services for developmentally disabled adults.  Perhaps some of you would like to participate in the writers group. . .or in a group to evolve the Star story.

I came home that night feeling quite good.

On Thursday [? This is beginning to blur] I got a visit from Jenny, who sells advertising for the Pantagraph.  By the time we were done talking she too was very excited.  She did not sell me any advertising.  In fact, she didn’t even try.  She volunteered to talk to the person at the Pantagraph who does stories on new businesses etc. and encourage an interview.  And she volunteered to try to mention Spirit of Light Creativity Studio [pro-bono] in her other Le Roy ads.  I’ve encouraged her to come back and spend some time.  She too likes to work with words. . .so perhaps she will engage in the writers group.  At any rate, I am to let her know when the first meeting will occur.

My hope is that people who love expressing creativity, in any form, will want to hang together at Spirit of Light in an atmosphere of sharing and caring.  I have posted a prayer on the front door:

Copy of prayer on studio front door.


I spent much of Thursday cutting glass scraps and marking them for sale and setting them out.  I have a lot of glass that needs to be so treated!  It will take some time.  And since I bought a lot of glass in 2005, I chose to mark them at 2005 prices.  So there are some bargains to be had in the studio.

I also worked on a stained glass on glass mosaic as an example for a ‘Sampler class.’  And I took the window display down. . .so people going by could see me working on this mosaic in the window.  Sadly, there is scaffolding outside.  Perhaps I can set up a table in front of another window.

Sampler classes are short classes [one evening. . .and come in and work during open studio] that get one started on a very simple first project. . .to see if one likes the work and the camaraderie of others working on similar projects.  It is a way of introducing people to some art concepts or basic crafts.

I’m working on preparing for about 4 such classes to be offered yet this summer.  When I have a schedule set, I’ll post it in the next newsletter.

In addition to opening the studio, I received the works from contestants in the StarGift Design a Custom T-Shirt Contest.  Wow!  So now I am quite busy creating some new web pages to show the results, the winners, and tell a little about each.  That will take a few weeks.  I’ll bet the contestant are waiting anxiously to find out who the first and second prize winners are!  I can’t wait to post about this.

Image of many StarGift T-shirts in various colors and including youth sizes. Beige, purple. orange, lt. blue. gold. yellow, olive green, forrest green. ..lime green!

In the future I will be hosting a class for a StarGift Design a Custom T-Shirt project.  Participants will purchase a shirt with the StarGift logo on the front shoulder [they come in more colors than shown] and then will embark on a journey to tell their own story of relationship with God. . .the gifts He has provided to them, their passions. . .and how they share this love with others.  I hope many of you will choose to participate!

I hope you all have a fun-filled and safe Fourth of July weekend!