StarGift Project Newsletter #28 – Donations of children’s books for Prison Ministry: Mom and Me Camp!

This is an appeal for donations for our current special project to get children’s books that teach about relationship with God through Jesus to the children attending Mom and Me Camp in late July.   Watch the short video below to learn about this project, or continue reading below the image. 

Image of a young girl with a flower and the words: "Faith is a gift that Grows as we use it"

These children have Mothers who are incarcerated in Logan County and Decatur Correctional Centers.  The children live all over the state and don’t often get to spend time with their Mothers.

The Prison Ministry, runs a camp each year for children 7 -12 for 3 days.  The children attend the camp at Lake Bloomington and each day are transported to spend time with their Mothers in organized activities.  Each evening they return to the camp for swimming and other traditional camp activities.

This year, StarGift Project is donating copies of our first book, “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to be given to each child to read with their Mother during a quiet time.  We are also providing a copy of our second book, a story-coloring book for the children who are 12 and in their last year of attending the camp.

Please make a donation via our web site to help make these books available.

Plant tiny mustard seeds of faith and encourage children who are dealing with issues children should not have to confront.

Thank you!

StarGift Project News #27 – Merry Christmas to All!

As Christmas draws near, it is once again time to share our video reading of:

“The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There”

This is our Christmas gift to you, your friends, and all with whom you will gather to celebrate Christmas this year.  Click on the image!  Young people at your gathering will love this story of a little star who could not glow, and even better, they will learn what the Christmas celebration really means.  And adults will be reminded that we celebrate the greatest gift of all, the birth of Jesus.  Please play it for guests at your family gathering!  You can project it. . .or run it through a T.V.  Take just a few minutes to remember the meaning of Christmas.

Please help us to spread His messages of love and faithfulness.  Use this link to make a donation today!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and may 2018 bring great joy throughout the year!

StarGift Project News! # 26

Can you Help?

Do you feel young people should have the opportunity to learn about relationship with God?

Image of a young girl with a flower and the words: "Faith is a gift that Grows as we use it"

Are you concerned that the trend away from participation in a church leaves young people without this knowledge?

If children are not taught that God loves them and wants relationship with them, how will they know they can turn to Him when they feel they have nowhere else to turn?

Hi.  This newsletter is provided to share information about the progress of StarGift Project Inc.,  our Children’s Ministry to engage youth with new fun and creative materials as we teach about relationship with God.

Our mission is: “To inspire faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.”  We are nondenominational and primarily focus on growing ‘Faith’ in a loving God and developing a relationship with Him.

[If you wish to learn more about StarGift Project Inc. please read this document containing our articles of incorporation:  StarGift – Article 4 and 5 Illinois file for non-profit corp  ]

What do you believe?  If you believe young people should have the opportunity to learn about relationship with God so that they can make decisions about their own faith and spiritual life, then. . .we have opportunities for you in our mission.

Right now, we have a need to grow our Board of Directors with volunteers who would like to help us succeed in reaching out to children, in fun creative ways, to share with knowledge of relationship with God and Jesus.  Read our description below under the topic below “Board of Directors!”

Please Volunteer to help by contacting Pam at: or calling or texting me at 309-310-6934.

Board of Directors! 

This is so important to us.  StarGift is seeking to expand our Board of Directors from 5 to about 10 people so we can spread out and cover more of central Il. and begin reaching out to other states.

StarGift Project is non-denominational.  The only established requirement to qualify as a candidate for our Board of Directors is that you are a follower of Jesus Christ and recognize Him as Messiah and Savior.

The most important criteria for our Board of Directors at this time is people who enjoy networking, making new friends, and who may even have an existing network that they can utilize to help build awareness of StarGift.  We also seek those who feel comfortable talking to people from different churches seeking to engage them as StarGift Partners as well.

Does this sound like you?  If you might be interested in participating on the Board of Directors of this children’s ministry, we’d like you to provide us with your contact information so that we can invite you to a Get-to-Know-Us event so that you can learn about us and decide if this is a mission that touches your heart.

You may provide your contact information again by emailing or by contacting Pam at 309-310-6934 if you prefer to chat.

To learn more about our need for Directors and other volunteers, please feel free to review this document:  Board of Directors and Volunteers.

About our Approach

Perhaps you have not read previous newsletters and are not quite sure what StarGift Project Inc. actually does.  Well. . .

  1. We create new engaging stories that teach young people about faith, God and Jesus.  You can preview our first two stories by watching these video readings.  Please feel free to share them with friends, and to play them for young people at your holiday gatherings.

The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There

Jesus is My BFF!  

2.  We participate in community events, and even host some events for families, and distribute our materials to children [with parental permission] at no charge to them.  For example, last year we handed out between 400-600 copies of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There at the Bloomington-Normal Jaycees Christmas Parade.  We had a lot of fun!The fun ended too soon! On our way back to cars.

3.  We do fundraisers to enable us to distribute our materials.  We market these books at events and online to the community that supports our work, for a donation!  You can make a donation or purchase books here!

And we try to engage churches and other non-profits, especially those that serve children, to help in our fundraising. . .sharing the donation equally with them.  Visit About Us to learn more.



StarGift Project News #25 – “Taking Sunday School to the Streets!”

Finally!  We’ve put together a draft video reading of our second story Jesus is My BFF!” We are providing this copy for you to review and to share with others.

Image of the book cover which shows a star character standing with open arms, a smile and shining eyes, and a golden heart. The star and background has been partially colored with crayons, and there are crayons scattered across the image. The title is in red with "Jesus is My" above the star, and "BFF!" below the star. The cover image then says "A Story-Coloring Book." Below that is white text on a blue background that says: "A story of how "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" and the child Jesus became Best Friends Forever, for all little children everywhere. This image is a link to open a video reading of the story "Jesus is My BFF!"
Video Reading of “Jesus is My BFF!”

And there is more!

On our web site, we’ve provided parental guidance and some mini-art lessons to accompany many of the pages.  We’ve created this book as a coloring book. . .which will help engage children in the story AND we’ve provided these enrichment materials online as a way of holding down the costs of production.  Just go to the web site, click on the Enrichment link, and then click on this book.  We will provide enrichment activities for future books here as well.

And there is even more!

We are inviting parents to send us photos of the coloring works of their children, the ones you feel are an accomplishment, to us and we will post them in a gallery on our web site for a period of time!  Then you can show your child their work on the web. J

This information is provided on page iii of the book.

The books are important as they  are something children can take home and enjoy over and over.

Remember, our StarGift Project goal is to reach out to children who are not otherwise being taught about relationship with God, and provide them with fun, engaging materials that will engage them in such learning; learning which is foundational to a lifelong relationship with God. 

We try to find ways to engage parents with their children as well, in the hopes that the parents or other older family members, might become interested themselves in learning more about relationship with God.

And we try to enlist other faithful beleivers in helping to fund books and get them distributed to children or even to produce mini-plays of the story or some other performance model as a way of sharing with children who are not part of your church or belief system.

You may think of StarGift as:

Taking Sunday School to the streets!

You may think of yourself as helping to:

Plant tiny mustard seeds of faith

Join us please.  Volunteer by sending a message to

Or visit our web page and make a donation.


StarGift Project News #24 “It’s here!”

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!  And just in time for Easter!  Read below the image to learn about “Jesus is My BFF!”

Image of two young children sitting in the grass with large rabbit ears. This image is overlapped by an image of the cover of the book "Jesus is My BFF!." The text states: Fill Their Baskets with something good to read!

We had begun to think it would never be ready for shipping.  “Jesus is My BFF!” is a sequel to “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  In this new story, children will learn how Star and the young child Jesus become Best Friends Forever.  And they will learn how Star learned to speak with Jesus,without say a word, how Jesus is learning so much from His Father in Heaven, and how the Star gets a new mission to learn from Jesus and to teach the children.  Wow!  What a fun story.  And, it’s full of lessons about relationship with God.

This is a book with a wonderful story. . .and it is a coloring book.  We hope the activity will help the children think more about the story.

And there is plenty for Parents and Guardians too.  StarGift Project has place ‘guidance’ online so you may help your children grow in understanding.  And just for fun, we also put online a set of mini-art lessons so you can teach your child some simple drawing and design concepts!

Each book is available for a $10.00 donation and each time you buy a book for a child you love, you help StarGift to get a book to another child, who may not otherwise learn about relationship with God.  You are helping to plant tiny seeds of faith.

You can have books shipped to you for delivery.  Or you can choose to have StarGift or one of our nonprofit partners deliver books to kids.  If you choose a partner, we share the portion of the donation that is profit with them.  So help your favorite organization on our list!

Order several now, so they will arrive just in time for Easter!

Order Here!


“The Star. . .” Newsletter to “StarGift Project News #21

In November 2015, we were pleased to inform you that our project has evolved and  StarGift Project Inc. is now a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization.

With this newsletter we have a couple of announcements. . .

and what we think is some interesting reading!


#1.  We have a new web site for StarGift Project Inc.

#2.  The newsletter itself is being moved from our previous web site to a new location.  For this and future newsletters you can access our blog location:

#3.  We are changing the name of the newsletter from “The Star. . . “ to “StarGift Project News

#4.  Hahn, the author of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There,” for which the newsletter was originally named, has completed the text of the first sequel to that book!”

Book Jacket for The Star Who Almost Wasn't There.You may remember that The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There tells the story of a little star who could not glow, and how he searches for a child to love, one who will love him too.  It is through an encounter with the new born Christ child that the star received the gift of great light and becomes the Star of Bethlehem!


With the author’s permission, we would like to share the new copy righted story with you.

Click below to read the text of:

Jesus is my Best Friend Forever!

We hope that you will choose to share your thoughts on the new story with us as well as ideas you may have for sharing it with children everywhere.

Send your comments to

Hahn is working on illustrations so we expect to have this story published soon!

Please visit our Fundraising overview page online to learn how you can earn funds for your church group or non-profit organization.

“The Star. . .” Newsletter #20, Nov. 30, 2015

Wonderful News!

StarGift Project Inc. is now officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation!

This means that should you choose to make donations, they will be tax deductible.  But I digress. Most of 2015 has been spent organizing a small board of directors, and filing the paperwork to achieve this goal!

Members of Board of Directors with a few of their children

The StarGift Project Inc. is organized exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code The mission and vision statements are as follows:

  • Our mission is:  To be a source of inspiring faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.
  • Our vision is to provide original inspirational material about the nature of God and Jesus Christ through mediums that are engaging, simple to understand and foundational to a life-long relationship with God. 

We aspire that through the education provided in these materials, some of the audience may choose to seek God, become followers of Jesus and grow to be more open and receptive to others of faith.

Our materials are non-denominational and present basic underpinnings of faith in God and Jesus as Messiah.  We believe it is necessary, as our society becomes increasingly secular, to share with children how they can choose to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and what this can mean in their lives.  In time, as they mature into young adults, they will understand that this is an option which they may choose:  To grow the spark of faith within them, to seek understanding of God’s will for us, and to grow with Him.

We seek to engage churches and other nonprofits that serve youth as StarGift Partners to:

  1. Distribute donated copies of StarGift Materials to children who otherwise may not learn of God and Jesus
  2. To create events based on sharing the story in different ways through performance arts or engaging the children in creative activities focused on the stories
  3. To engage donors in purchasing materials  as donations for distribution

Sharing Donations:

We are sharing some donations with Partner Organizations.  Each book donation includes a small donation to the organization that will distribute the book(s) and to StarGift Project Inc.  And in the event that our donations exceed our annual plans, we will give those excess donations to organizations that support adults with developmental disabilities.

You may think of these sharing activities  as planting tiny mustard seeds from which great faith may grow.  Or you may think about this mission as like taking Sunday School out into the community.

The Star Who AlBook Jacket for The Star Who Almost Wasn't There.most Wasn’t There, the book with which you are already familiar and for which this newsletter is named, is just our first creative offering. 

More News!  We have two more stories in development:



  • The first is told in rhyme like “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  In this story children will learn how the Star and Jesus become Best Friends Forever and how Jesus tells Star He has a special mission. . . but before he can learn what it is, he must study and learn a great deal from our Father in Heaven.  And then Jesus tells Star that he will teach Star what He learns from the Father.  This opens the door to stories of adventures that the child Jesus and Star share.  Within  each adventure will be another  teaching from God to Jesus to Star.
  • The second story will focus on Jesus as a young Jewish child as his family is preparing for their Passover Seder.  The boys will have an adventure on a trip into the marketplace with Joseph to purchase a young male lamb for sacrifice and feast.  Within this story, is another story as Jesus tells Star what he has learned about Passover, why it is celebrated. . .and of course Jesus invites Star to join his family for their feast and celebration.  At the market they encounter a child of special needs.  You can imagine the wonderful message of love Jesus shares with Star!

And More News!  We also have plans with a musician/vocal teacher to put together a small musical and flashmob to tell the story of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There at various locations throughout the season in 2016!

We need your participation!  StarGift Project Inc. has a board of directors of course.  But we are hoping to expand this board in time with people of faith, who believe in our mission and who bring talents and skills that we will need as we grow.  We would like these people to come from different denominations representing several different area churches Of course we have need of many volunteers to help us get things done.  But at the moment, the thing we need the most is for everyone who would like to help StarGift Project Inc.  grow, to spread the word!  Tell all your friends and family . . .tell everyone you know from church and other nonprofit organizations that serve children.  Share via email and social media.  Help us to get interviews on local and Christian radio. . .on web sites. . .on facebook Web site:  [i.e. Star Gift Project . .with no spaces] Email: Facebook:

  • Page hosted by Star for children:  “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There”
  • Page for StarGift Project Inc. information/donations etc.  “StarGift Project Inc.” will be ready soon.

If you are a member of a local church or a nonprofit that serves children, volunteer to be a StarGift Ambassador and encourage your church or groups within your organization to become a StarGift Partners. If you wish to volunteer in any capacity, or to explore the possibility send a brief email to the address above and we will contact you. And, as always, pray for StarGift Project Inc.

“The Star. . .” Newsletter #19 – Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to All

MerrCartoon image of Jesus in manger with Star shining abovey Christmas 2015! 






In our last newsletter we told you about a campaign to donate books to children in Children’s Hospital of Peoria at Christmas! What is more fun than giving a Christmas gift to a child! Help us to gather up to 68 copies of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” for children in Childrens Hospital of Peoria! Each book is a $10.00 donation! If 60 people each donate one book. . .we’re there! Currently. . .we have 19 books!!!! A ways to go before Christmas. Donate here:
This newsletter contains pictures of some of the reading events I participated in this year!
Just this past week, I did a readings for:
• The “Little Learners” at First United Presbyterian Church in Le Roy

• Heartland Community Church of Normal with a large group of families who participate in the after school program hosted by that church



  • Heartland Community Church of Normal with a large group of families who participate in the after school program hosted by that church











  • Families with children with special needs that participate in the SPICE program hosted by Marcfirst in Normal!

We have no pictures of the SPICE reading at this time!

Of course we participated in the Festival of Trees in November and the Immanuel Bible Foundation Women’s Christmas Breakfast in December. And we have completed another ‘Star’ Christmas Tree which will be donated to the Festival of Trees in Champaign-Urbana next year. Just this afternoon, Roger and I tucked it away in a tree bag!


After Christmas, I will be heading to Florida with my husband for extended time off. Of course I’ll be working some from that location . . .but I’ll also make sure I have plenty of time to play.

The studio will be closed until April!  But I will continue posting on facebook and providing the Newsletter. 🙂

Let’s all pray for the hearts of men to be changed so that all may enjoy peace.  Merry Christmas!


“The Star. . .” Newsletter #18 – A plea


Cartoon image of Jesus in manger with Star shining above


“Then the child reached out his hand

as if to touch the star above,

to let him know that he’d been seen

and let him know that he was loved.”




Hello my friends.  This is a busy time of year as I do readings of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” for children and participate in many events where we market this story of God’s love. . .for children.  The profit from sale of this book is used to fund two small ministries:

  • The StarGift Project, an outreach to children with a message of love from God
  • The Village Project, an organization to enable quality of employment and life for adults of central Illinois who have developmental disabilities.


The StarGift Project brings together 1.) churches and other non-profits to distribute “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to children who are not otherwise being taught about relationship with God with 2.) Donors who wish to plant a tiny mustard seed in the heart of a child by donating one or more books to be so distributed.

We need your help!

Donating books!

Last year we hosted a donation box for books to be distributed to the resident children of the Baby Fold.  We collected 28 books in this way, one for each child.

This year we have been collecting donations of books for children in Children’s Hospital of Peoria.  At this point we have only 4 books donated.


Please consider donating a book to be distributed to a child in Children’s Hospital of Peoria by visiting the StarGift web site and making a donation.  I sincerely hope that many of you find yourselves wanting to share this story with children so that we can touch the hearts of those children who will be in the hospital during this Christmas season.

You will see evidence of the distribution in another newsletter and on my facebook pages “Hahn – Author” and “The Spirit of Light Creativity Studio.”

You can also help advance these two small ministries by calling on the pastor of your church, or leaders of groups within the church, and telling them about the StarGift Project and encouraging them to participate as distributors.  My portion of profit is shared with organizations that distribute the books.  And donors receive a discounted price that is 33% below retail.

Finally, you can help by volunteering to schedule and give readings of the story, by working to plan an event in your church or school based on the story [requires permission] or in a myriad of other ways.  Please feel free to contact me if you would be interested in helping in any way.

May you all have a Joyous Christmas, filled with wonder, warmth and sharing of the spirit!



A Letter from the President & CEO – Lambs Farm

As the Village Project, our mission for adults with developmentally disabilities of central Il, grows, we often reference Lambs Farm as our model for the vision and organization.  This letter from the President and CEO of Lambs Farm outlines how that organization is evolving to continue to meet the needs of an aging population of people with these challenges as well the needs of new younger Participants in the programs.

This will help you to better understand the vision that was created when Lambs Farm was originally conceived and how that vision is evolving.  I think you will love the idea of building similar organization and facilities in central Illinois.  🙂

A Message from the President and CEO – Lambs Farm