StarGift Project Newsletter #28 – Donations of children’s books for Prison Ministry: Mom and Me Camp!

This is an appeal for donations for our current special project to get children’s books that teach about relationship with God through Jesus to the children attending Mom and Me Camp in late July.   Watch the short video below to learn about this project, or continue reading below the image. 

Image of a young girl with a flower and the words: "Faith is a gift that Grows as we use it"

These children have Mothers who are incarcerated in Logan County and Decatur Correctional Centers.  The children live all over the state and don’t often get to spend time with their Mothers.

The Prison Ministry, runs a camp each year for children 7 -12 for 3 days.  The children attend the camp at Lake Bloomington and each day are transported to spend time with their Mothers in organized activities.  Each evening they return to the camp for swimming and other traditional camp activities.

This year, StarGift Project is donating copies of our first book, “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to be given to each child to read with their Mother during a quiet time.  We are also providing a copy of our second book, a story-coloring book for the children who are 12 and in their last year of attending the camp.

Please make a donation via our web site to help make these books available.

Plant tiny mustard seeds of faith and encourage children who are dealing with issues children should not have to confront.

Thank you!