StarGift Project News! # 26

Can you Help?

Do you feel young people should have the opportunity to learn about relationship with God?

Image of a young girl with a flower and the words: "Faith is a gift that Grows as we use it"

Are you concerned that the trend away from participation in a church leaves young people without this knowledge?

If children are not taught that God loves them and wants relationship with them, how will they know they can turn to Him when they feel they have nowhere else to turn?

Hi.  This newsletter is provided to share information about the progress of StarGift Project Inc.,  our Children’s Ministry to engage youth with new fun and creative materials as we teach about relationship with God.

Our mission is: “To inspire faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.”  We are nondenominational and primarily focus on growing ‘Faith’ in a loving God and developing a relationship with Him.

[If you wish to learn more about StarGift Project Inc. please read this document containing our articles of incorporation:  StarGift – Article 4 and 5 Illinois file for non-profit corp  ]

What do you believe?  If you believe young people should have the opportunity to learn about relationship with God so that they can make decisions about their own faith and spiritual life, then. . .we have opportunities for you in our mission.

Right now, we have a need to grow our Board of Directors with volunteers who would like to help us succeed in reaching out to children, in fun creative ways, to share with knowledge of relationship with God and Jesus.  Read our description below under the topic below “Board of Directors!”

Please Volunteer to help by contacting Pam at: or calling or texting me at 309-310-6934.

Board of Directors! 

This is so important to us.  StarGift is seeking to expand our Board of Directors from 5 to about 10 people so we can spread out and cover more of central Il. and begin reaching out to other states.

StarGift Project is non-denominational.  The only established requirement to qualify as a candidate for our Board of Directors is that you are a follower of Jesus Christ and recognize Him as Messiah and Savior.

The most important criteria for our Board of Directors at this time is people who enjoy networking, making new friends, and who may even have an existing network that they can utilize to help build awareness of StarGift.  We also seek those who feel comfortable talking to people from different churches seeking to engage them as StarGift Partners as well.

Does this sound like you?  If you might be interested in participating on the Board of Directors of this children’s ministry, we’d like you to provide us with your contact information so that we can invite you to a Get-to-Know-Us event so that you can learn about us and decide if this is a mission that touches your heart.

You may provide your contact information again by emailing or by contacting Pam at 309-310-6934 if you prefer to chat.

To learn more about our need for Directors and other volunteers, please feel free to review this document:  Board of Directors and Volunteers.

About our Approach

Perhaps you have not read previous newsletters and are not quite sure what StarGift Project Inc. actually does.  Well. . .

  1. We create new engaging stories that teach young people about faith, God and Jesus.  You can preview our first two stories by watching these video readings.  Please feel free to share them with friends, and to play them for young people at your holiday gatherings.

The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There

Jesus is My BFF!  

2.  We participate in community events, and even host some events for families, and distribute our materials to children [with parental permission] at no charge to them.  For example, last year we handed out between 400-600 copies of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There at the Bloomington-Normal Jaycees Christmas Parade.  We had a lot of fun!The fun ended too soon! On our way back to cars.

3.  We do fundraisers to enable us to distribute our materials.  We market these books at events and online to the community that supports our work, for a donation!  You can make a donation or purchase books here!

And we try to engage churches and other non-profits, especially those that serve children, to help in our fundraising. . .sharing the donation equally with them.  Visit About Us to learn more.