StarGift Project News #25 – “Taking Sunday School to the Streets!”

Finally!  We’ve put together a draft video reading of our second story Jesus is My BFF!” We are providing this copy for you to review and to share with others.

Image of the book cover which shows a star character standing with open arms, a smile and shining eyes, and a golden heart. The star and background has been partially colored with crayons, and there are crayons scattered across the image. The title is in red with "Jesus is My" above the star, and "BFF!" below the star. The cover image then says "A Story-Coloring Book." Below that is white text on a blue background that says: "A story of how "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" and the child Jesus became Best Friends Forever, for all little children everywhere. This image is a link to open a video reading of the story "Jesus is My BFF!"
Video Reading of “Jesus is My BFF!”

And there is more!

On our web site, we’ve provided parental guidance and some mini-art lessons to accompany many of the pages.  We’ve created this book as a coloring book. . .which will help engage children in the story AND we’ve provided these enrichment materials online as a way of holding down the costs of production.  Just go to the web site, click on the Enrichment link, and then click on this book.  We will provide enrichment activities for future books here as well.

And there is even more!

We are inviting parents to send us photos of the coloring works of their children, the ones you feel are an accomplishment, to us and we will post them in a gallery on our web site for a period of time!  Then you can show your child their work on the web. J

This information is provided on page iii of the book.

The books are important as they  are something children can take home and enjoy over and over.

Remember, our StarGift Project goal is to reach out to children who are not otherwise being taught about relationship with God, and provide them with fun, engaging materials that will engage them in such learning; learning which is foundational to a lifelong relationship with God. 

We try to find ways to engage parents with their children as well, in the hopes that the parents or other older family members, might become interested themselves in learning more about relationship with God.

And we try to enlist other faithful beleivers in helping to fund books and get them distributed to children or even to produce mini-plays of the story or some other performance model as a way of sharing with children who are not part of your church or belief system.

You may think of StarGift as:

Taking Sunday School to the streets!

You may think of yourself as helping to:

Plant tiny mustard seeds of faith

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