StarGift Project News #24 “It’s here!”

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!  And just in time for Easter!  Read below the image to learn about “Jesus is My BFF!”

Image of two young children sitting in the grass with large rabbit ears. This image is overlapped by an image of the cover of the book "Jesus is My BFF!." The text states: Fill Their Baskets with something good to read!

We had begun to think it would never be ready for shipping.  “Jesus is My BFF!” is a sequel to “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  In this new story, children will learn how Star and the young child Jesus become Best Friends Forever.  And they will learn how Star learned to speak with Jesus,without say a word, how Jesus is learning so much from His Father in Heaven, and how the Star gets a new mission to learn from Jesus and to teach the children.  Wow!  What a fun story.  And, it’s full of lessons about relationship with God.

This is a book with a wonderful story. . .and it is a coloring book.  We hope the activity will help the children think more about the story.

And there is plenty for Parents and Guardians too.  StarGift Project has place ‘guidance’ online so you may help your children grow in understanding.  And just for fun, we also put online a set of mini-art lessons so you can teach your child some simple drawing and design concepts!

Each book is available for a $10.00 donation and each time you buy a book for a child you love, you help StarGift to get a book to another child, who may not otherwise learn about relationship with God.  You are helping to plant tiny seeds of faith.

You can have books shipped to you for delivery.  Or you can choose to have StarGift or one of our nonprofit partners deliver books to kids.  If you choose a partner, we share the portion of the donation that is profit with them.  So help your favorite organization on our list!

Order several now, so they will arrive just in time for Easter!

Order Here!