StarGift Project News #23

  1. Want to catch a reading/book signing of The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There? The author will be at St. Matthews Episcopal church on Dec. 11 at 6:00 P.M. in Fellowship Hall to share this story with families with young children.  Make this your family advent event!  And invite friends with young children to join you.  Facebook event invitation
  2. The Author, Hahn, will also do a reading and distribution to children living at Home Sweet Home Mission this holiday season.  Share your faith with young people through a donation  . . .or volunteer to help by contacting us at  This is a fun organization!
  3. News!  We have finally completed our second book.

We have finally published our second book called “Jesus is My BFF.”  In this story we learn how star and the toddler Jesus became Best Friends Forever!


Subsequent books will teach about Jesus growing up and his relationship with star.  What adventures they will have!  And each book will contain a story within the story. . .a story from the Bible, within the story about Jesus and Star.  Jesus is My BFF is the first book actually published by StarGift Project Inc.

This book is unique.  It is a story-coloring book.  Some pages have very simple line illustrations, while others are more detailed.  And this book has an interactive element.  You may go online to our web site and select ‘Enrichment’, then select the book by name, and you will be taken to a page with: 1.) guidance for parents and guardians and 2.) mini art lessons.  These enrichment features apply to each page, with a few exceptions.

As if that’s not enough fun, if your children are especially proud of some of their coloring, you can email us a .jpg of their work, and we will post it online, on our web site for a period of time.  We may even include it in some Facebook posts!  You’ll find instructions on page iii.

The message of love in The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There is an appropriate message any day of the year, but since it is a story of the birth of Jesus and the star of Bethlehem, most people want it at Christmas.  However, Jesus is My BFF. . .has no ties to any specific time of the year.

The book will be available from our web site later this month [December], so look for it. . .and donate to StarGift at the Donate Books button.  If you want to distribute these books yourself, choose  the option to have them sent to you.

Do you love to write?  Would you like to try your hand at writing for children?  We can provide a pattern and if you produce a story that fits our model, we can help you to publish with agreement that we can market copies for donation as part of our fundraising and mission to distribute messages of faith to children.

  1. Wow!  What fun we had at the Bloomington-Normal JayCees Christmas Parade. 

We gave out between 400 and 500 copies of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to families with young children!

The mission of StarGift Project is to inspire faith in youth, and their  families, through the creative arts.


Book Jacket for The Star Who Almost Wasn't There.The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There is a story of a tiny star who could not glow, and how, on the very first Christmas, he became the Star of Bethlehem.  It teaches children that God loves us, that He provides us with gifts, and that we may use these gifts to help others and honor Him.  What a wonderful positive message for young people.

We believe it is important to introduce children to these concepts even if they are not attending any church, temple or mosque, even if their parents are not interested or cannot bring themselves to believe.  We believe it is important because all of us, at some point in our life, have struggles and turning to faith is an option to find comfort and guidance.  It is a choice, to seek.  But how can one make that choice, one way or the other, if they know nothing of it?

When you purchase copies of the book, or donate to StarGift Project Inc.  you help us to create new materials, get them published and distributed via the work of other ministries that reach out to children.

Here are a few more pics from the parade event!

Young people who handed out books at the parade, in front of the StarGift truck.


One young helper handing books to parade watchers



The author, Hahn, with one young child dressed up as if she stepped right out of Dr. Zhivago


A young StarGift helper passing out candy!




Another young helper handing out books

Every now and then, you need a break!




We hiked a little over 2 miles. . .and even had a 3 year-old along for the fun

The fun ended too soon! On our way back to cars.




We hope many more of you will join us next year!  We will seek out a parade in another town, maybe Peoria, to share ‘faith’ with children.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please email us at