“The Star. . .” Newsletter to “StarGift Project News #21

In November 2015, we were pleased to inform you that our project has evolved and  StarGift Project Inc. is now a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization.

With this newsletter we have a couple of announcements. . .

and what we think is some interesting reading!


#1.  We have a new web site for StarGift Project Inc. www.stargiftproject.org

#2.  The newsletter itself is being moved from our previous web site to a new location.  For this and future newsletters you can access our blog location: www.stargiftproject.org/wordpress

#3.  We are changing the name of the newsletter from “The Star. . . “ to “StarGift Project News

#4.  Hahn, the author of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There,” for which the newsletter was originally named, has completed the text of the first sequel to that book!”

Book Jacket for The Star Who Almost Wasn't There.You may remember that The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There tells the story of a little star who could not glow, and how he searches for a child to love, one who will love him too.  It is through an encounter with the new born Christ child that the star received the gift of great light and becomes the Star of Bethlehem!


With the author’s permission, we would like to share the new copy righted story with you.

Click below to read the text of:

Jesus is my Best Friend Forever!

We hope that you will choose to share your thoughts on the new story with us as well as ideas you may have for sharing it with children everywhere.

Send your comments to starcenter1@stargiftproject.org

Hahn is working on illustrations so we expect to have this story published soon!

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