StarGift Project Minutes – July 15, 2015

StarGift Project
July 15, 2015
6:30 PM


Pam Hieser
Jodi Lancaster
Chad Emmett

Meeting commenced with a prayer for guidance.

  1. Before filing Articles I need to reserve a name.  The form for requesting a name. . .or verifying that the name is not already taken, requires submission of 3 options.  Although we were open to changing the name entirely. . .apparently the ‘StarGift’ element is liked by all.  We agreed to the following options:
    1. StarGift Project
    2. HisStarGift
    3. StarGift

Once I have a name reserved, I will update Articles and Bylaws. . .then I will bring the Articles form around to each incorporator for signature.

  1. Discussed difficulty of communication with technology.  LOL.  Lengthy emails are difficult to read on phones.  Not everyone has home computer to work from and it is not appropriate to use work computers.
    1. Pam is considering taking advantage of back to school sales to provide a computer to each Officer or Director specifically for StarGift communications.
    2. Might consider setting up a server and getting netbooks that can connect to the same server and we can all work on it remotely.
    3. Until a decision is made. . .Pam will send emails after 5:00 PM so they do not interfere with work day.  Try to keep them short as possible.
  2. We began to go through the list of activities [thought starters].  As we did so, we volunteered to follow up on certain ones [short term] and added a few as follows
    1. Chad:
    2. Jodi:
    3. Pam

i.      Call to Anderson Merchandiser

ii.      Call to Don Ammerman to see if he can be engaged in providing help with sound/video etc.

iii.      Create display at campground for their Christmas in July event to market star ornaments, books etc.

B.  Jodi:

                      i.      Take a cut at chunking out some short term activities each month for the next 3 months so we can get names/tasks in a manageable format.

ii.      Take two books to Susan and Andy of local radio station and talk to them about StarGift Project.  [Prepare what is to be communicated.]

iii.      Draft a short ‘teaching aide’ for parents to accompany the book.

C.  Pam:

                       i.      Star costume for events – with Jodi

ii.      Record rap tune for youtube video – with Sarah

iii.      Submit the text of the story to Christian family magazines in context of an article about StarGift Project.  [Contract with publish is non-exclusive]

iv.      Work on coloring book version

v.      Work on second/third stories

  1. Discussed growing the organization.
    1. We need to identify the skills needed on the Board of Directors and identify candidates we’d like to engage.
    2. We need to identify persons of faith with skills which would be of use and try to engage them as volunteers
    3. We came up with some names.  These are documented in an excel spreadsheet and available to the Directors.
    4. A lot of advertising and awareness building is dependent upon our reach through social media.  We have to understand how to get a very large following. . .what social media to utilize. . .how to best manage it.
  2. We agreed that we probably will need to ‘hire’ a person who is knowledgeable about this to focus on building the social network.
    1. Work by project?
    2. Part time?
  3. Agreed that the Board should probably have to meet no more than quarterly. . .but that the Officers will continue to meet every 2 weeks as we work on extending the influence and wait to hear if we are granted nonprofit status. [Let’s shoot to have our current tasks completed by then.]


Meeting closed at 7:30 with a prayer.


Next Meeting:  July 29th – 6:30 – Location to be determined.  [Chad’s birthday. . .may have to have a little cake and ice cream!]