StarGift Project Minutes – June 25, 2015

StarGift Project
June 25, 2015
6:30 PM


Pam Hieser
Jodi Lancaster
Chad Emmett

Meeting commenced with a prayer for guidance.

  1. Outstanding questions on the bylaws:
    1. Agreed to keep reference to 501(c)(3) in Article II and to add it to our Articles of Incorporation.
    2. Agreed to the text re:   donating net profits to organizations that serve adults with developmental disabilities in Article II.
    3. Agreed that Incorporating Directors would serve for life or until they choose to resign or are removed for cause. Also agreed to use the term Incorporating Directors in making the distinction.
    4. We agreed to remove the text that states that the Chairperson is subject to committees in Article VI Section 1.  The Chairperson is subject to the Board of Directors.
    5. Agreed to the wording for audit schedule in Article IX Section 4.


  1. We agreed to minor changes in wording re: Qualifications of Directors in Article IV, Section 4.  I will seek out guidance from Eric Swanson before nailing this section.


  1. We began a discussion on next steps and how to proceed




  1. Both long range planning and short range planning is needed.  For 2015, Christmas is right around the corner.  We need to do some short range planning re:  How to get attention on the current book this year.

i.    The more people see the book. . .the better

ii.    Chad agreed to call Anderson Merchandisers to request that it be included in books that will be carried by Wal-Mart for the season.

iii.    Can we get Christian Organizations on campus to market the book as a fundraiser?

iv.    Who can we get to help reach out to Christian Schools and church groups to consider marketing it to donors?

  1. Other Marketing thoughts

i.    We need to find a Marketing Specialist [Who?]

ii.    Can we get students at ISU, IWU to participate in real life marketing projects?

iii.    We need to find someone who is expert in social media marketing

iv.    Pam has been working on a new page for the StarGift web site with information for ‘Partners’. . .at the moment we are calling churches and other nfp organizations that promote the StarGift Project, partners.

  1. Jodi noted that there are marked differences in the way various generations communicate!  Younger generations do not like wordy content.  If they aren’t captured in a couple of sentences, they move on.  So what can we do to engage younger people.  Key point, we need multiple communication models!

i.    Design something easy to digest.. .perhaps cartoon?

ii.    Talked about getting early education and music directors from churches to create mini-pagents and musical events based on the story.  The more we can get it out there the better!

iii.    Can we create a script for such a play-pagent and take it out to some public venues?  [I have a plan documented to create a youthful ‘flash mob’ to take out.  The problem is 1.) getting permission at public venues and 2.) Having equipment that would enable us to conduct a flash mob and video same.  Can students/classes at ISU/IWU etc. help?  Pam spoke to manager of Eastland in 2010, who liked the idea but had to run it up the chain.  He never got back.  Perhaps we can try this again.

  1. For long term planning, Pam brought up the idea of fundraisers.  We’d like to host fundraisers that are unique for our area.  Point:  Think big, start small.
    1. One such idea is to work with several churches to host a Christian Music Festival!  Perhaps we can engage all 4 churches in Le Roy in this event!
    2. In time, that could grow to be more than music. . .and evolve into a Christian Creative Arts Festival. . .to include new stories/plays/songs that teach about Jesus. . .dance. . .art activities etc.  [This could be a way of bringing creative people to the table to share their gifts by creating materials appropriate for children and families as part of the StarGift materials.


  1. We cut off this discussion until D.J. and Eric might be able to participate.  It’s fun to talk about ideas. . .and we need to do that.  But then, we need to prioritize and evaluate what we can realistically get done.  We hope to pick up this discussion at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned after a short prayer.