StarGift Project Minutes – June 17, 2015.

StarGift Project
June 17, 2015
6:30 PM


Pam Hieser
Jodi Lancaster
Chad Emmett
D.J. Anderson

Meeting commenced with a prayer for guidance.

  1. Per the agenda we agreed to add the words that D.J. supplied to Article V, Section B. of the Articles of Incorporation as follows:

The Corporation, being organized for charitable purposes will make these materials available to a widespread audience through the generosity of people of faith who wish to share their love of God.  Donated materials will be distributed by a network of participating not-for-profit organizations through their mission networks.  Our goal is to provide these materials at no cost to the final recipient. 

2.   We agreed to add the words provided by Pam Hieser to Article V. Section A, as follows:

 StarGift Project, Inc. will engage people of faith and other not-for-profit organizations as willing participants in providing these materials and events as represented in the following list which may be expanded as need arises.

    •  Creating new media
    • Translating materials into other languages
    • Publishing and producing
    • Distributing materials through mission networks
    • Funding activities listed above

3.  We agreed to add content pointing out our interest in supporting organizations that enable independence among adults with developmental disabilities to Article V.  Pam will draft such statement and put it before this group at the next meeting.

4.  We stepped through the BylawsComparison which presented bylaws from two sources showing the equivalent bylaws side-by-side.  For each we made decisions on:

  •  Whether the bylaw is needed at all
  • If so, whether we should use the wording of one sample over the other
  • If we should combine the two examples.

Pam will now that that information and consolidate the results of our decisions into a document with Bylaws for the StarGift Project.  That document will be made available to Skip Hahn and Pastor Eric Swanson for further input.

[At this writing, that document has been created with pointers back to the original sample documents making it easy to go back to the original references.]

5.  Meeting was adjourned