StarGift Project Minutes – Feb. 2015 Discussions – Published March 13, 2015

StarGift Project


Mar. 15, 2015

These minutes cover the discussion leading to an agreement on the phrasing of the mission statement in preparation for filing for NFP Corporation.

The mission statement to which we have agreed is:

The Mission of StarGift Project is: to be a source of inspiring faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.

In reaching this decision, Jodi Lancaster, Chad Emmett, Harold A. [Skip] Hahn and Pamela Hieser voted on a subset of three of the suggestions for most effective mission statement.  The emails below include the request for vote and responses

This email superceeds the previous email about the mission statement.

Discussion that led to this vote is contained in the email communications below:

What Next:  We will now take up the more complicated discussion of a vision statement!