StarGift Project Minutes – Jan. 15 – 2015

StarGift Project

Meeting Minutes

Jan 15, 2015


  1. These minutes represent the compilation of discussion among a newly formed Planning Team for the StarGift Project via online communications.


  1. The label “StarGift Project” is a working term. . .we may find reason to give this organization a different name.


  1. The original Planning Team consists of Pamela Hieser, Jodi Lancaster and Chad Emmett.  Pastor Eric Swanson of First United Methodist Church of Le Roy, Il. participates to offer guidance and support.  Harold A. Hahn [Skip] participates in discussions sharing his perspective but at this time is not active in performing research etc.


  1. Quotes below come from the book ‘Starting and Running a Non-Profit Organization’ as well as from a variety of articles from various groups available online.


“Although your actual planning group doesn’t have to involve everyone with something to contribute to the plan, it should consist of the key people who will help you put the organization and it’s programs together.   For example, a planning group for a new, small nonprofit might consist of the chief executive, one or more other staff members if any, the chair of the board, someone from the board or a key volunteer who knows something about planning, and someone who can see things from the perspective of potential clients.”


  1. At this time we are a volunteer  planning team.  Pamela Hieser is serving as ‘acting’ chairman of the board.  Once we have agreed to bylaws, those bylaws will define how various board positions are filled and which, if any will become paid positions at some point.


  1. The next step in forming a non-profit is to write a mission statement.   A communication was shared  with Jodi Lancaster and Chad Emmett.  The content of that communication is below:


“Please read this article.”

“I will now start producing ideas for “mission” statement and share them with you.  We will meet electronically and produce minutes which are required to file for non-profit.  More to come.”

Jodi has read the article as of this writing.

Takeaway Task: Read this article on creating a mission statement.  Follow links to examples etc. [Note to Eric:  We need your advice on this]

Now let’s talk about what we hope to accomplish with this non-profit.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I want to respond to the calling to “put the book into the hands of children.”  I would like to make the book “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” available to all children, especially those who are not otherwise being taught about relationship with God.
    1. I would like to engage churches and some other non-profits world-wide in distributing the book through their mission networks and projects.
    2. I would like to engage people world-wide in donating copies of the book to be distributed by these churches and non-profits.
    3. I would like to expand into the creation of other stories of Jesus and the Star growing up together, each with a message from God for the children.
    4. I would like to share any profit margin with the participating non-profit organizations that distribute books.
  2. The portion of ‘profit’ that is retained should be used to benefit the start-up of an organization for adults in central Il. with developmental disabilities.  If/when that organization comes into being, I hope to continue helping to fund the services provided by that organization.  If that organization never materializes, I would like to continue providing financial support for other projects that benefit adults with developmental disabilities.

You may be concerned about what appears to be 2 missions:  One, getting copies of the book to children and a second, creating an organization for adults in central Il. with developmental disabilities.  I know I am concerned about how to express the relationship between these two goals.

I have considered three options:

  • Create a non-profit that is an organization for developmentally disabled adults.  Then try to fund it through a fundraising project marketing the books under that org.
  • Create a non-profit to 1.) 1get the books to children and 2.) provide an organization/campus of services for developmentally disabled adults.  [i.e. duel goals]
  • Separate the two.  Create a non-profit to share God’s message of love and relationship with children through creative products.  Plan to use any profits to enable the goals of other non-profits.  [Assumes that there will be a separate non-profit for developmentally disabled adults which could be one beneficiary of those profits.  If that never comes to pass the profits can be allocated to various non-profits including those that serve developmentally disabled adults.]

If you followed the links from the article above, you may have found this page with requirements for becoming a 503c.  We will want 503c status so that donors can get a tax deduction.

At this point I’m not sure any of the three bullets would qualify.  We need some advice on this.  I’m inclined at this time to think the best chance is the third bullet.  Please share your thoughts on the scope.  Once we have a decision on how to organize, we will brainstorm mission statements.

Send your responses via email to