“The Star. . .” Newsletter #16 – Progress and Challenges

Hi all.  This Newsletter will bring you up-to-date on progress and Sept. plans for the 1. Studio and the 2. StarGift Project.

Stained Glass Mosaic - colored glass, glued to a glass pane with colorless glue, and with spaces between the colored glass filled in with black grout.


In August we hosted three one night ‘free’ classes.  The first was a class in drawing with realism.  It was attended by 6 people and I believe all had a good time.  The second was a class in making stained glass mosaics.  Again, 6 people had a good time.  You can check out the results of their work posted on our FB site starting with: 100_1378 https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfLightCreativity/photos/pb.1441841669414292.-2207520000.1409072691./1451564878441971/?type=1&theater

The third was a class in painting on glass.  We painted votives. . .and again posted on our FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/SpiritOfLightCreativity/photos/pb.1441841669414292.-2207520000.1409072691./1451566485108477/?type=1&theater


Over the first two months, we had about 20 people drop by to find out what’s going on in the studio, and then maybe a dozen more during the Le Roy Fall Festival.  We posted pictures of that carnival on the FB page as well. . .and will turn to them in January or Feb when we’re all cooped up, as sources of something cool to paint or draw!



Our first meeting of the Village Project turned out 6 people and it was a good meeting.  We posted minutes on our blog and provided them to you in the last newsletter.  http://thespiritoflight.com/wordpress/?p=529

We only had two persons attend the informational meeting about the StarGift Project but we are scheduling another informational meeting in September.  In the meantime I have  met with groups in two of the local churches and got a positive response to the StarGift mission from both. One of these churches chose to purchase copies for each of the children in their early childhood learning program and donated all of the profit to support of our missions.  I expect a better turnout at our Sept. 16th StarGift meeting!  LeRoy will be the hub. . .of the activity as we grow out across central Ill, the country. . .and other countries in time.

There is a lot planned for September.  We will have two classes:  The first is a stained glass class which I’ve included on my blog.  http://thespiritoflight.com/wordpress/?p=546  It will start next Wednesday.

The second is a painting class. . .in which we’ll focus on learning color mixing and color theory.  We’ve also got a Ladies Night Out scheduled to learn calligraphy, a free class in drawing/painting trees, two volunteer groups [one a group of crafters to help make things for promoting the missions] and [another to brainstorm stories of the Star and Jesus growing up together].  Here’s a link to the Studio page of our web site where you can check these things out.  If you’ve been here before remember to ‘refresh’ the screen to get the latest updates.


Image of the Studio store front with the four shirts created for the StarGift Challenge in the window, on mannequins made of foam core!

We changed the content of the front window to include the t-shirts produced by participants in our recent StarGift Design a Custom-T contest.  This window was up in time for the Fall Festival and we have a challenge for Le Roy and the rest of central Il. to participate in the next StarGift Design a Custom T Challenge.  You purchase a StarGift t-shirt [in the studio or online] and design the back to reflect your story of relationship with God. . the gifts he has provided to you. . .the things about which you are passionate.  Wouldn’t it be cool to find people wearing their custom shirts at events.  What an ice-breaker!  What a conversation starter!  Perhaps you would like to create one for yourself or for someone you care for.  You can get info here: http://www.thespiritoflight.com/orig/stargift/tchallengedetails.htm

And you can see the results produced by our initial competitors here: http://www.thespiritoflight.com/orig/stargift/starGift_Challenge.htm

I found a sewing site which has some free patterns.  I’m getting some simple bag/purse patterns and will plan in October to start sessions with a few developmentally disabled people [and volunteers] to help them sew to create marketable art that we will sell for them.  All proceeds from sale go to the ‘creators’. . .So think about buying a few Christmas Gifts that will enhance the quality of life/employment for developmentally disabled adults.

We also have works from some local artists hanging in the studio.  You can find postings on our web site as well.  Adela Alvarado. . .does a lot of drawing with colored pencil of dogs and cats.  If you’d like a portrait of your pet, send a picture and we’ll see if Adela can fit it in.  Tony Cade, loves to create ‘creatures.’  He not only paints but creates latex masks.  Anyone interested in having a custom creature mask for Halloween?  We recently added the work of Stephen Burkhart.  Stephen does some portraits from photos and small landscapes.  We’ll be posting his work soon.  Consider giving the unique gift of a portrait to someone this Christmas.  Stephen will work from your pictures. . .and if you like the results we’ll negotiate a reasonable price.

Please consider ways you can get involved in our missions perhaps by participating in challenges. . .or volunteering for one of our new groups. . .or volunteering to help developmentally disabled ‘artists’ hone their craft. . .or volunteering to share the story of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”



Intro to Stained Glass Class!

Spirit of Light Studio is offering an introduction to stained glass class in September.  122 East Center St. Le Roy, Il.  Scroll down for supply list and estimated costs.

Two images of stained glass window with 2 hummingbirds drinking nectar from bright red trumpet vine flowers.

Wednesdays, Sept. 3rd – 24th, 6:00 PM to 9:00  PM [We may add one more night if necessary]

Participants are exempt from ‘Open Studio’ fees.

Class participation requires a $20.00 fee, payable at registration.

Stained glass can get expensive.  Initially you must invest in some basic tools and materials.  Once you’ve got your tools. . .you need only invest in the materials needed for each piece you decide to create.

The studio will provide some of the tools.  Still to get started will require an estimated $100 – $130.00 if you don’t already have some tools.  This estimate includes:  $20 [registration], $75 [tools/lead] and ? [whatever you choose to spend in glass].  But you will love what you produce!

Stained Glass Supply List

Stained glass window of a large SUN peeking in the window.

Village Project Minutes 8-05-2014

Lauren and Special OlympicsWe have reached a small milestone in the evolution of the Village Project.  For those who do not know, this is a new mission to enable/enhance the quality of life and employment for developmentally disabled adults of central Il.  This week, we conducted an informational meeting in Le Roy.  Five people who have not been involved to this point attended.  It is the first of the activities that were outlined in our first minutes to be kicked off. There will be other informational meetings.  We are currently using Spirit of Light Creativity Studio in Le Roy as a central location for growing this mission.  In time, I hope we have locations in other towns in Central Il., perhaps in churches, to conduct such informational meetings. Minutes of the 8-05-2014 meeting  [open the word doc when it downloads] Intro and previous minutes of 1-15-2014