“The Star. . .” Newsletter #14, June 16, 2014 “You are Invited. . .”

Invitation to Open House events for Spirit of Light Studio. A Dessert Open House to be held June 21, 2014 from 7 - 9 PM. A second casual Open House will be held Tuesday, June 24th from 10 AM - 2 PM and from 6 PM - 9 PM
Hi all. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve sent out a newsletter.  I have been incredibly busy and was interrupted by a couple of life-changing events.  But most important to share with you is that I have been setting up a brick and morter studio in Le Roy for Spirit of Light, my creativity studio.  Spirit of Light has been online for some time and you can visit there to find out a lot about what I am doing.  But what fun it is to have a real ‘space’ to meet and greet other people with creative interests – face to face.

I will spend some time in the studio alone, creating.  Part of the time it will be open to the public to come take classes and work in open studio.  But most important is that this location will also serve as a real space to work to build the two missions near to my heart.

1.  The Village Project is an effort to create a new organization and facility to provided improved quality of work and life for developmentally disable adults of central Illinois.

3.  And of course you are already familiar with the StarGift Project to reach out to young children and introduce them to our loving God through marketing/distribution of the book “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” which is a story I believe God inspired for this purpose.  I know I was called to “. . .put it into the hands of the children.”

So the remainder of this newsletter is about the new studio.

Announcing:       “Spirit of Light,” a creativity studio

122 East Center St.

Le Roy, Il. 61752


I felt fortunate to find a building with two pretty good size rooms. . .a nice nook for supplies, a nook to store glass, and a nook where I could keep my own tables and tools for working stained glass; My work space.  The front room will be the ‘clean’ room, where we can work on crafts, fabric arts, perhaps some music etc.

Picture of the front room of the studio before Spirit of Light moved in.A second view of the front room looking to the windows on the East wall

Powder room











Picture of the west wall of the back room with storage shelves


The back room will serve as a classroom and space for working on somewhat messier projects.




Then I started moving in all of my art supplies and equipment.  Well, all that I could move without professional help!

Boxes and artwork stacked on the floor of the front room


Lot's of stuff piled on shelves and floow






I purchased some unfinished kitchen cabinets to store chemicals and products that I want to keep locked up, to have that much more storage space, and to have a counter top that could be used to stretch lead for stained glass and double as a work bench.  Still have to get it screwed in place.  Of course, I had to varnish [that’s an old-timey term] the cabinets.

Cabinets and drawers, varnished and set out on dropcloths to dry

I tried to keep it organized.  LOL, LOL, LOL.  Now I am reorganizing even as I try to set out interesting things to look at, gather work from other artists who would like to display their work, and get ready to open!  It’s rather like the last two weeks of a Systems Project!

Front window of shop from inside, with stained glass hanging in window

I set up the front window with some stained glass and a display of many art supplies and tools scattered across the window ledge.  I placed a few hand-painted stemware pieces in the side windows on glass blocks.


Picture of the outer East Wall with stained glass






If you come looking for the shop it is on the corner of Chestnut and Center Streets in Le Roy.  The doors are kaddie-korner to the streets.

Front door of shop and window facing South onto Center Street


Interior of front room with displays being set up




I started setting up some displays for the open house events.  The top of the interior wall is old fashioned plaster.  I’m working on the best ways to secure artwork to the wall.

Picture of counter in front room with mission displays


I brought out some mission posters I created for the Festival of Trees to engage people in asking about the “Village Project” and the “StarGift Project.”

And even though I am using the back room to prepare and stage drawings and paintings for display, I am also trying to set it up as a classroom.  I have set up a pegboard over the cabinets to hang tools, have added some deep shelve units for storing works in progress, and I currently have 2 eight foot tables for work space.  I plan to get two more tables and seat 3 chairs at each so that everyone working in this room will have pretty good space to work.

Picture of the back room.

So much still to do, and time grows short.  The next thing is to engage people who want to create. . .to help support this adventure.  And to engage people with a heart for mission that want to help grow the StarGift Project for children, or if their interests lie elsewhere, the Village Project for developmentally disabled adults.

I hope many of you will stop by for one of the open house events. Bring a friend so they can learn about these projects!  The more the merrier.  And you never know who will be touched by God with a desire to share their gifts.

We will officially open the doors on July 1.  Hours for the public. . .at least for the summer will be:

Tues, Wed and Thurs from 10 – 4 and 6 – 9.