“The Star . . .” Newsletter 3 March, 2013

“The Star . . . “ Newsletter 3

In my last newsletter I touched on many of the things I have planned to share “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  If this is your first newsletter, you may want to go back and check out the first two.

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The author reading “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” to children on Christmas Eve, 2012.



  • The Festival of Trees:  I heard from the Baby Fold that they continue to be interested in the youth flash mob I am planning, but are concerned about acoustics at their new venue.  I hope to get a definitive answer soon.  In the meantime, I am going to approach WJBC about the flash mob to raise awareness of the story, at the “Sounds of Christmas” Concert!


  • Creative expressions based on the book:  Second Presbyterian church has expressed interest in building their children’s 2013 Christmas program around the story/book this year.  I understand there might be a show produced by their wonderful Puppeteers!  I’m excited at the prospect.

I want to enable all creative people to help share this story through their personal creativity to continue the traditions of joy and giving the creation of this book has started.  I am providing signed permission for all churches in central Illinois and creative individuals who request to use the story as a basis for their works or events.  I ask only that:

  • Permission be requested in writing
  • The message of the story is not altered [subject to review]
  • A copy of the work [video, cd, digital image etc.] is donated to be posted online to share the story and the mission.

Readers please help spread the word through your church and to creative friends!

  • The Star Mission:  I’m starting work to build a mission team for getting books distributed to children everywhere.  By offering the book as a fundraiser for other NFPs, I hope to establish a system of pre-ordering early in the year, so we can batch orders together and leverage discount rates based on larger volume sales.  We’ll be able to pass some of the savings down to those who purchase for fundraisers or donate books for delivery, making the book more accessible.


  • I am taking a class in HTML and CSS to be able to better support my web sites.  I used one class assignment to work out the content of various new pages I would add to my current site to share information about the mission/foundation, individual participation through donations, and how not-for-profits can raise funds for their own works and help distribute books to children.  The exercise has led to the decision to get a .org domain for the newer components. Feel free to volunteer to review this material and provide your insights to make them better before they go into production.


  • In the current version of the book, the face of one of the angels is right in the middle of the page split.  And I did have a mistake in the spelling of one name of my team of young illustrators.  I have updated the digital image of the angels and the spelling of that name.  I will request those changes from the publisher in the near future.  And that means that the first batch of books to have been purchased in 2013 will be unique!


  • I have sent out a number of promotional downloadable ebooks to various well-known persons in the media.  Please pray that someone is intrigued and makes contact when they are ready to start planning events for the Christmas season of 2013.


Press Release


Direct link to read the Backstory of how this book was written 47 years ago, and published last year.

Direct link to read about the Missions to be initiated through sales of this book

The author’s facebook page