“The Star . . . ” Newsletter 1 [Dec. 2012]

“The Star . . .”  Newsletter

This initial newsletter will bring you up to date on my plans for retirement.

Actually, a plan I was thinking about seemed to take on a life of it’s own.  And as a result, I’ve just had a Children’s book published.

“The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There” is available on Westbow Press.  While the main events of this story take place on the first Christmas, the message is valuable any day and every day.

If you are interested in reading the story, and seeing the illustrations, please let me know by emailing me at Hahn@thespiritoflight.com and I will provide you with a link where you can download the final galley of the book.  Athough it was written for children, I think you will find you enjoy it as well.  It has colorful illustrations that are the collaborative product of myself and many of my grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 20.   It probably takes 10 -15 minutes to read.

More important, there is an interesting back story to this book.  The story, in rhyme, was actually written in 1965, forty-seven years ago.  But who’s counting?  I did not intend to publish it this year.  But something happened that caused me to start considering and researching publishers.  And that became a whirlwind punctuated with a magical spiritual moment in which a personal mission was revealed.

If you are interested in learning the ‘rest of the story’ follow the link to my web site http://www.thespiritoflight.com and read the first 5 blogs. That is maybe 30 minutes of reading overall.

My hope is that this book will successful and help to fund some of the special projects I hope to initiate for our community. At least I hope it helps to fund getting them started.  And I hope that some of you find you want to participate as well.  But one thing at a time and first things first.

After retirement I will start actively working through churches and organizations to make this story available to ‘all little children everywhere.’

You can also consider joining me at a Book Signing:

  • Dec. 4th, Olive Garden in Champaign Il.  Great News Radio, Christian Authors and Artists meet and greet, 5 – 7 PM.  Friends who choose to come support this event will get $2.50 off the price of each entrée.
  • Dec. 11th, LeRoy Replex, 5:30 – 8:00 PM.

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