The Mission 10: Transparency


Hi friends of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There”!

It is my desire to let everyone, who is interested, follow how these Star missions unfold;  That is, I want to be transparent in the creation of these missions.  This blog relates the steps I’ve taken and the progress made since Christmas.

Mission 1:  Put the book into the hands of all little children everywhere

Mission 2:  Start a community for developmentally disabled adults based on Lambs Farm

Mission 3:  Start a tuition free college based on College of the Ozarks

In January I met with an attorney about setting up a not for profit and funneling money into it from the sale of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There.”  The objective of the not-for-profit will be to work to establish missions 2 and 3.  The attorney advised me that it is cumbersome and rather expensive to set up a not-for-profit, and he directed me to an organization called Prairie Community Foundation.  The statement below is from the Prairie Community Foundation web site:

We connect people who care with causes that matter. Explore our website and let us know how we can help you fulfill your charitable goals.

Illinois Prairie Community Foundation provides a simple and powerful approach to charitable giving. We make it possible for individuals, families and organizations to custom-design their own named funds and/or support existing funds that reflect their charitable goals and interests.”

I will meet with a representative from Prairie Community Foundation later this month.

I also met with the Pastor of the Christian Church in my community  about the mission to get the book to young children.  Tim, liked the message in the book, was interested in my personal story and the opportunity for his church to share in the profits as they help to put the book into the hands of young children.

The approach is that Churches and other not-for-profit organizations can help to get the book to children everywhere through their various missions.  In addition, they can use the book as a fundraiser to help support their own missions.

As a result of that meeting, I enjoyed a breakfast meeting with four Pastors of the various churches in my community.  They too seemed interested and I have promised to send them more detailed information and to make myself available to speak to groups within their churches.

Just this weekend Roger and I had dinner with friends, the Pastor who married us, Tom and his wife Diane.  Tom has a ministry speaking at churches around the world.  I looked to him for guidance.  He gave more than guidance.  He has offered to take some books with him on a trip to see how they do.  And we will explore whether or not we can share space to market our respective materials at some venues.

There are many activities planned for this year.

  • To make the story as accessible to as many children as possible, I am working on a version that will be must less expensive to produce.  It will be a coloring book, but unlike other coloring books, this one will contain the story narrative as well as pictures to color.  So, I am also looking for good crayons that can be purchased wholesale, at the best possible price, to package with the coloring book.  Some of these books will be headed for destinations in other countries.
  • I am designing a t-shirt that will be worn by people who participate in Star events and which eventually will be available for purchase.
  • I’ve asked a friend to see if she could translate the story into Spanish
  • I met with a representative from the Baby Fold regarding participation in the Festival of Trees and the possibility of a ‘special Star event’ that might fit into the Festive venue.  She will take the idea to the appropriate committee.  So I hope to hear more about that in a month or two.

I have made a commitment to myself that when there is a need to purchase materials associated with the Star, they will be made in the U.S.A.

I was not successful at getting registered to participate in the Hearts at Home National Convention here in Normal in March.  This is the only venue I have even considered prior to June 1 [when I will have more time to work on this] because it is local.  But, I will reach out to this organization again next year!

Please consider volunteering!

I am looking for volunteers to help us get rolling!  I hope that you may find some interest here.  Please read the previous blog on volunteering and contact me if you find you have any interest.  Or consider these additional options:

  • Would you be willing to provide an introduction to the Pastor at the church you attend?
  • Perhaps you would be willing to serve as the contact for your Church if they choose to help market the book and deliver the story to children at various missions.  If you are well-organized, or if you have accounting skills, this is a great fit. 
  • Perhaps you’d like to participate in the mission to get the book to children by purchasing some copies to be donated to children at mission locations.
  • Or perhaps you have an interest in helping developmentally disabled adults or believe that the world would benefit if some college age students were able to pay for their college experience with hard work. . .and build character as part of their education.  Would you be interested in participating on a steering board?

Feel free to contact me at:


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