Backstory 5: “The Star . . .” – Lifted by Spirit

Hi Friend!  You came back again.  I’m so happy to have you visit.  Let’s see, where were we:

The walls were closing in.

One day I would feel the walls closing in, another day I would feel I was nearing completion of this book. I t was becoming quite a roller coaster ride, this process of creating illustrations that needed to come together in a cohesive whole to engage young children, children who might not even be reading alone yet. Each time the walls moved in they left a little less room to breathe.

I was working with a contact from the publisher who was charged with helping me to meet all of their requirements and gathering the page content. Along the way I learned that I would not be able to get any professional artistic input until I had the whole package for my contact to submit to the Art staff.  From the perspective of the creator, I wanted to get some input as I worked.  But I understand that as a publisher they have to know they have a viable product before they commit resources.

I was on my own!

By September, I had added several illustrations and had completely changed many others . . . and again I felt I was getting close . . . but could never get quite there. I  would always find something else to change, to refine, to make the whole better.

And then one day as the walls were closing in even tighter, in an almost vise-like grip . . .

A calm washed over me like a shower. . .and I felt these words:

“It does not have to be perfect.”
“That is not the point.”
“It is time to put it in the hands of the children.”

Friends, I want you to know that I did not hear these words. I did not see these words. I did not think these words.

I somehow felt these words. And I cannot explain any better than that.

I was calm . . .  the pressure was removed . . . and I felt these words.

And I understood. This story, this book, is not about me.My blend of skills were used to make it happen, it was motivated 47 years ago upon the birth of my first nice Stacey Ruth, but this is God’s story, what He want’s young children to know, told in a way at will touch them.

It is not the first time that a channel has opened and I have received a communication that is beyond my ability to explain. But it is infrequent. And I know that this is a spiritual experience.  It is as if every cell, every atom, every particle of my being is being called to share with “all little children everywhere.”

At this point, I turned my attention to completing the forms to submit the materials to the publisher.

Looking back on that moment, when anxiety turned to calm, I believe that I had gotten caught up in my own agenda and I was made aware that the true purpose of this story is a mission.

The mission is to share this story with all little children everywhere; That they might know that God loves them, that they have special gifts, that they are to seek to truly discover these gifts and that they can honor God by sharing their gifts with others. This story is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

• I did not know when this story was written by my hand, that it was more than a gift for Stacey Ruth.

• I did know, when I contacted publishers and started the illustrations, that it is a story that has the potential to allow me to help my own grandchildren and to follow through with the creation of a not-for-profit organization to help special needs adults and hopefully to branch out over time to assist with other needs.

• But I do not know why this Christmas is the one when it should first become available to children. There have been forty-seven Christmases since the story was written. Forty-seven years.

I speculate that perhaps it is a time in this world when the story of the first Christmas needs a re-telling to spread the word. But most likely it is just one more of the things God orchestrates every day to spread his word.

I hope that all readers of this blog will choose to help shine a light on this story . . . and participate in this mission of sharing with “all little children everywhere.”  I know that many of you will.

I would love to hear your stories of spiritual experience born of any religious affiliation or no affiliation, your ideas about needs in our society, and your ideas about growing he influence of “The Star Who Almost Wasn’t There”.

Of course, I will continue to blog and share my own thoughts and experiences. In the next blog I will connect to a model program for special needs adults.  I hope that as this book reaches more and more children, it will provide the funding to start a not-for-profit organization to replicate this model in my community and advocate the model in all communities.

3 thoughts on “Backstory 5: “The Star . . .” – Lifted by Spirit”

  1. Thank you very much Pam for sharing this experience with me. I can’t wait to purchase the book for my granddaughter. Knowing the time and effort and reading your blog and talking to you on how it came to be and how your grandchildren participated makes this book a treasure.

  2. Pam,
    Can’t wait to see the finished product and get a copy into the hands of my two grandsons. Thanks for your labor of love.

  3. Book is great, multi-cultural in many ways. The colors are 3D in depth of shade, wonderful shaded images and diversity in faces , that is why many children can see their face in the story. Ever child can see themselves in the story some were because of story line. Good message to story, you are not unnoticed. I feel it will be as big as the book “I’ll Love You for Ever”. Great job!!! I can see a animated story being made of the story. Terie

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